June 15, 2011

In the Valley

Gray is the tone of my day, white slowly darken

Gray is my cloud that hangs in the sky

Gray matter is located in the brain to the left of center

twist and turns to make sense of the random

not your average silly slip and slide

not your average amusement park

admission is free but the ticket can be very expensive.

It is the tone that fills this day of mine black and white meet half way.

A duel at sunrise to see who wins…

It feels not cold or hot… it is

Void of feeling

Void of action

Void or reaction

Void of thought

This is not the warm gray flannel that you wrap yourself up in

to keep you warm and safe

This is the gray smog that pilfers each breath

To steal and even try to conceal…

that you were ever here to begin with…

red, blue, green make white light

yellow, blue, red makes black.

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