A Moment In The Life Of A Painting

Just wanted to share what has been happening in the studio this month. Most of the larger components are in place. The next step is to work out the individual details of each one; most of what you see is under-painting, except for the road that is mostly done. I also need to explore concepts for the background. I have some ideas but nothing seems to feel correct.


I must admit this is becoming a very fun piece to work on; there is just a touch of humor in the composition even though the concepts behind it are of a more serious nature, it makes me smile. I always find it interesting that when I do paint living things I find that they start to take on their own unique personality as I continue to develop them.


All has been going well on this piece so far as the paint and canvas have been playing along nicely with me and I have encountered only minimal conflicts. So all is good… at least so far.  I did find that doing the research on fish was very helpful. It helped me understand the fish on different levels allowing me to “feel” the fish more when I was placing their shapes on the canvas allowing me to understand them more as three-dimensional. The next challenge is to work on the detail of the scales and create the sense of translucence that the scales contain in real life. It just means layers and layers of glazes to create the depth of color. This will be a new technique for me, so I am looking forward to having the canvas teach me something new and exciting.


So I leave you today with a current image of the painting that I took this morning. I have hopes of spend some quality time with it tonight. Maybe next week I will have other images to post.

 Fishy 5-9-13

Have an amazing creative day!



2 Responses to A Moment In The Life Of A Painting

  1. Pablo says:

    The painting is beautifully mysterious! Looking forward to following the evolution of this work.

    • johnmichael says:

      Thank you for the comment…and yes, I am also looking forward to seeing how this painting moves forward.

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