A Study in “Moo”

In the past three days I have been asked questions such as



What did you do last night?

What did you do over the weekend?

What have you been up to lately?



… my response has been the same each and every time.



“ I worked”



This is all good and such, but it seems the only answer I have anymore. I work a full time “day” job and when I get home I start the second or third part of my day with the art.  I am forever trying to finish the last thing on my list before I fall into bed, only to wake up to return to the list of the never ending. I set goals… I reached the goals, but instead of stopping and being content. My thinking is that is I was able to reach that goal what if I pushed it and increased that goal to something higher. I am beginning to think I am the only personality “Type A” artist.  It is exhausting for me…and for most who have to deal with me.



So today in the studio I had to do something different to break this cycle because I was losing touch with the fun element.  So this morning I focused on some plans for the new years with potential shows and things that I would like to be able to achieve.



Then I stopped… and did the “Study in Moo” It was random and fun and something I could finish in an hour.  I worked in acrylic so it would dry fast and I could just be in the moment and not have to wait for anything.  It quickly reminded me why I like to work in oil, because blending and shading on this was very difficult for me.  But I had fun. I created something that was not “work” I was not trying to learn something or have this be anything other than fun. This was done in total play and had no real direction.



I needed to be reminded of this today. To step back and breath and that it is good to have goals and deadlines. But I also need to schedule time to just have fun.



So the only thing I have to show for today is that I painted a cow and I had fun… and I am ok with that!

Study In "Moo"

Study of Moo
Acrylic on Canvas
12in x 12in

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