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1000 Butterflies

Early in the shelter in place I decided that I needed something to keep my hands and mind occupied and to give structure to the hours of my days and weeks.   I wanted to view this time as an opportunity to transform to go inward and figure some stuff out. Butterflies have always fascinated […]

Mask Making

Today in the Studio more mask are going to be made.   This project helps me make it through each day. Knowing that within this tiny act I am able to make a difference sitting in the Studio. It is a way I am able to share with my community to remind them they are […]

Mask Making at the Studio

Last week’s focus was about exploring the realm of possibilities, reinventing and creating new structure in the Studio. It was a busy week filled with high and lows, moments of joy and moments of sadness.  Along with many opportunities to be grateful in the moment.   I have spent a portion of my days at […]