Counting One Two Three….

There is always some type of creative experimentation happening in the studio.

Sometimes I talk about it, other times it happens and I take away what I learned from the experience and move on.


Today in the studio was about slowing down, focusing on one task, being in that moment. Not only mentally but also in my physical actions.


Key words when planning this:


  • Time
  • Order
  • Counting
  • Structure
  • Methodical
  • Focused
  • Temporary
  • Process


I feel like I am typing out the directions for a science lab assignment.


I used 1 1/2 cups of rice blend

My task was to separate the grains placing them in groups of tens, using tweezers to remove each piece of rice and putting it in place.


I maintained focus for just over two hours, but then realized the focus started to switch from being in the moment and counting and more about the goal of being finished and having the cardboard covered.


At this point that the project started to fall apart, I was distracted by everything around me. The process was interesting because the repetitions of counting to 10 created a quiet mediation for me.


I enjoy that this was a temporary piece and will become part of the soup I am having for dinner tonight.


Doing this project gave me a new respect for individuals who work on highly detailed pieces such as beading or that work in factories doing the same repetitive movement everyday hour after hours. It is very difficult for me to do the same thing over and over without wanting to multi-task.


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