Crash and Burn Reality

You may have noticed… or not.

That there has not been a blog post for over a week. The last two years I have posted on Mondays and Thursday. Last week as I started Thursday’s blog and I realized that my blog page was no longer linked. I could see it on the dashboard, but it was not showing up on the website. I knew what happened I just did not know how to correct it.


Friday morning I was talking to a friend and went to share my portfolio page and that page was also no longer linked to my site. In fact, none of the pages linked anymore, every tab resulted in an error404 message.


At this point I had take action – well lets just say that I choose a less desirable one and curl up in a ball and hid as images of all the shows and grants I applied for the week before flashed before my eyes. Each and every one of these included a link to my website to reference to my body of work… the non-functioning website.


The potential of carnage rushed through my body in ripples of panic and fear. Breathing through the loss of the submission fees vaporized from my bank account and the fact each submission referenced to a non-functioning website. This would most definitely help eliminate any chance to be considered for anything.


But now life is good and I was able to fix the site with some help from several fellow artists. Which means that there is a blog today!


So what did I learn from this?


I can’t always control what happens… but I can control how I react to the situation.


But will I remember this next time I have a crash and burn moment?   Maybe…maybe not!crash-and-burn-money

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