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I am back in the studio this noon, after a nice relaxing morning of catching up with a good friend over coffee.  I realize that I need to get out more often and spend time with my friends.  It helps to maintain balance in my life…all work makes me boring.


There is a new canvas on the easel. Surprise surprise! I wanted to share this with you… but not willing to share much of the details … at least not yet. But I will tell you that it will involve fish.


Below is the tease image!


I am reading The Life Story of The Fish~ His Manners and Morals, by Brain Curtis. I am learning and exploring everything about fish. I am learning how they live/survive, the bone structures and even how the scales are constructed and can be an indication as to how old they are. I want to be able to paint the fish from the inside out understanding why they are the way that they are.  I spend many hours doing research for my paintings I want the fish to feel real and make you wonder when it will jump off the canvas at you.


There is truth in the saying  to understand “something” you need to become that “something” even if it is only in your mind. I remember when I was in high school in my Drama Class the teacher told us that we needed to become the object to understand why it acted in the manner that it did.  To become a table or the chair… to explore how it would it feel to be these objects? How would it feel to be something that was alive maybe a snake or a bird?  That you needed to become the elements that affects the object. If you have to understand what it is like to be cold, explore what it would feel like to be snow or ice.


What would it feel like to have to swim instead of walk?


What would it be like to have gills and not breathe air?


What would it feel like to have no muscles in your face?



The fish are just one element of this painting… but this gives you a tiny insight into what happens in the creative process of one of my paintings.

I will keep you posted as the canvas informs me.


Good things come to those who bait.  ~Author Unknown


studio 4-29-13

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