December 14, 2012

New artwork is happening on my easel these days. I began these early last week and have been working on it every couple of night to allow the paint to dry. My thought/creative process behind it… well it is a bit confusing and there have been many little things that have contributed their input in the process,

  • A green flannel shirt of a client
  • A shell shaped ashtray
  • An image of stained glass I found searching on Google.
  • And several hours of staring at a blank canvas.

Mix all of this together add  little bits of frustration, brief moments of clarity and this is how I have moved forward to this point here and now. The canvases are 20 in x 30 in. I cropped the images to show what is there so far, this is just the top of the canvas the lower parts are still blank and awaiting inspiration.

Thoughts that have spiraled in my mind while painting…and these are not in any particular order…the thoughts or my list.

water, clean, shells, safety, protection, home, light, glass, illuminations, duality, blue, calm, what is left behind as we move forward, circle, continuation, texture, color, sound of the ocean, salt, structure, organic, reflective,

I have reached that pivotal point in time where the painting has to inform me to what is to happen next… I do know there is to be a little bit of Persian blue surrounding the nautilus shell in the center, which I will put in when I get home this evening.

So until the canvas informs me of the next step… it will remain a mystery to us both.

One Response to December 14, 2012

  1. Pablo says:

    Trust that the art will always guide you, teach you, and often surprise you.

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