January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Today during my morning meditation I reflected on some of the amazing moments of last year.  My hopes and dreams some of which have come full circle and some still need more time and effort lavished upon them.

I have taken many risks and ventured into different lands that challenged me as I stepped out of my comfort zone. I made my share of mistakes, but I learned many wonderful things.

I learned, fear of the unknown, is a tool to help become more creative. In my childhood fear was taught to protect and help make life seem safer. I have learned that I now have other choices:

  • I could surrender, give away my power and remain stuck, afraid of what might or might not happen.
  • I can push through fear, explore it, learn about it and transform it into a valued resource to create artwork. Things are always scary until you confront them and then fear dissipates.

My goal is to move forward into the new year to be less afraid and be more bold and strong in working toward my dreams. I want to use my time and energy to the best of my ability to create a better and happier place for myself and everyone in my world.

I would like to acknowledge my gratitude for the passing year and the wonderful events that have unfolded. There still is a list of things I want to accomplish. I have been able to make huge strides in my artwork and this makes me very happy! I also want to extent a special thank you to everyone for all of your comments, suggestions and continued support.

Happy Year New!

One Response to January 1, 2013

  1. Jan says:

    Love your comments about the new year. Yes, we have made many mistakes and will probably continue to do so, however, I notice that it never stops us from trying new things as often as the thoughts occur to us. I believe that is a good thing. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend who likes making mistakes with me.

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