Emerging Buddha As A Universal Icon Of Peace

I am very fortunate to live in Chicago, because everywhere that I look I am surrounded by art that inspires me. Not just in the museums or galleries, but also in the architecture of the buildings and the gardens… and even the street art you might stubble upon as you walk down the sidewalk.

Ten Thousand Ripples


As I was riding my bike home this evening I had my first opportunity to view two of the Buddha Heads that are part of the Ten Thousand Ripple Project in Chicago. These are just two of the one hundred sculptures that Indira Johnson created. These sculptures are of an emerging Buddha as a universal icon of peace and spirituality, inviting people to think about how they can find peace in their own lives and their communities. This project has been on going since 2012. The ones that are pictured here are located in Uptown, just south of the bank on Lawrence and Broadway. These two sculptures rest as they quietly watch the neighborhoods daily happenings reminding us that that peace and compassion is obtainable for all.


Click here to view video about “Ten Thousand Ripples”.


Their presence made me smile as I took in a deep breath and enjoyed the moment, reminding me that I need to slow down and enjoy all the different expressions of art that surrounds me. I think sometimes we get so lost in our schedules and appointments that we miss out on all the beauty that surrounds us everyday.


It was such a beautiful evening and seeing these made it even more of a magical night. This makes me want to search out more of the Buddha Heads in the city. If you have been fortunate enough to locate more of these, could you please list their locations in the comment section below? I would love to go check out more of these… sounds like a field trip in my near future

Buddha Head Chicago

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