Finger Painting

Balancing my time spent in the studio has been very difficult, many things to do and very limited time.  Not just limited time to do the work but also time to sit with the art and reflect. I realize that this will be an ongoing struggle, even thought I love my time spent in the studio there are many responsibilities outside of those walls that need to be attended to.


When I am in constant motion physically and mentally, although I enjoy it, this is when I start to make mistakes…such as working last week in acrylic for the first time in months and I did not wash out the brushes afterwards… thinking I was using oil paint and would get to them later… wrong, I was sad to find that the five brushes are no longer usable.


The solution for today, finger painting with oils… not something I would recommend, but it was fun….


The piece below is what came of the finger painting or at least the start of a winter scene, which seem appropriate for today. This is just the background and it is very impasto so this will take some time to dry… I assure you that there will be a twist included in this piece as well to give you something to ponder but that will be dropped into the painting later. So you will just have to wait…


So trying something different in the studio and maybe a new direction to explore it seems a great way to spend a snowy afternoon!


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  1. Pablo says:

    Great post. I look forward to the twist!

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