Fire ~ Explored

What do you contemplate about when you think of fire?


It has the ability to destroy, maintain and create. It can keep us warm, cook our food and illuminates our path out of the darkness. It can reduce a forest to darkness – soot and ash with the promise of a new fresh beginning of Jack Pines and Manzanita a new opportunity to flourish.


This week I have been exploring the many different ways that one can experience fire through past memories and their senses.


Sight- the colors of red, yellow, orange, white and blue, the designs communicated with each flicker of the flame, interrelationship play with other objects.


Sound- crepitation /crackle, the snap and pop, the loud overwhelming roar of destruction.


Touch- tactile warmth, burning sensations.


Smell- melting paints, bitter, thick smokiness, sharp, pungent sweetness.




Roasted marshmallows

Bon fire on the beach

Burning leaves in the fall




Renew cleansing roar

Crackle burn, flourishing start

Destroy past, new start


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