I Have A Seat Reserved Just For You!

In the creative process there are many characters that play vital parts.


The first is the Muse or Genius whose most critical part is to lavishes the artist with inspiration and ideas to help maintain the flow while creating (at least when they decide to show up in the studio). The second is the ruthless Gremlin with his nagging small voice constantly telling you to doubt your ability, talents and what little bit of sanity you may still have.



These are the two “friends” that hang out in the studio with me daily. Encouraging the art, moving forward and shredding me feeding into my fears and my self-doubt providing me always with interesting array of realities. Over the years I have tried my best to make friends with both of them by understanding their worth and importance.  But at times, I must admit, it is like having a conversation with a five year old responding “Why?” to everything that you say.



When the artwork is finish and ready to leave the studio. This then opens the doors for more challenges. Although, the Muse usually remains behind in the studio; napping or getting drunk depending on the time of day, But the Gremlin packs a overnight bag and travels out with you to meet up and combine forces with the Critic.



So if managing the Muse and the Gremlin in the studio was somehow not difficult enough. Now one has to interact with the “real” world, the individuals that love your work and support you in your career, the Critics/Gremlins that wait patiently for that moment when you fall on your face while walking up the stairs. Lastly you have to deal with yourself, being at best a mishmash of all the emotional baggage that follows you.



So with this in mind and moving forward into the year I want to make certain that I create an environment in the studio that is advantageous to the making of the art. I have prepared myself for that moment the art leaves the studio.



I have reserved three chairs that are placed facing my work. The middle chair is reserved for me allowing me a place to sit back and enjoy my art from an outsiders view. The chair on the left is reserved for the individuals that support my creation of the art and the chair on the right is reserved for the Critic/Gremlin.



So now that every one has a place to sit and observe. Let the process begin.

Three Chairs

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