I am grateful for……..


1.  That I am surrounded by wonderful and supportive friends


2.  That I have an amazing new space to continue my massage practice.


3.  I have a beautiful studio to create my art and teach calligraphy workshops


4.  My loving and supportive partner.


5.  The opportunity to participate in the Paul Klein Works Professional Artist Developmental Program this Fall.


6.  Being awarded a IAS Professional Development Grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency this year.


7.  That I have a supportive family


8.  All the challenges that continue to push and stretch my comfort levels, helping me to think outside the box and strengthen me as an artist and human being.


9.   Being embraced by the diversity of culture, sexuality and gender in such a way that enriches my everyday experiences.


10. That everyday I have the courage to fall down 7 times and get back up 8 times



3 Responses to I am grateful for……..

  1. Sue says:

    What a wonderful way to express your life. We are very thankful for you.

  2. Jill says:

    I am happy that the sweet caring boy I met years ago has evolved into you.

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