June 26, 2012

Dreams are said to be the path into the soul. My dreams have never been direct or without confusing symbols. Unfortunately I usually wake up just before the good parts begin.

Today was no different, I dreamt that I was standing in line at the Post Office.  As time the moved forward the line stood still. I realized that everyone surrounding me was speaking French. I was so excited because this meant that in my dream I had finally arrived in France.

I was the next one in line and n my mind I am thinking what can I get. Stamps  a postcard… a souvenir. Not really even thinking why I was waiting at the Post office in the first place. I am preparing my conversation in my mind. Bonjour, ça va … and then I wake up… really?  I would have liked to have least slept a bit longer . Just to discover how much more I was going to be able say.  I triedto go back to sleep, but the moment was gone.

Dream a dream for me…

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