Kinsey Institute

I wanted to share with everyone the piece that was included in the Kinsey Institute Show last weekend.

This has expanded my personal boundaries as this is the first sexually based work that has been viewed outside of my studio.

This also personally opens new doors as to what will be in the future.


Blurred Lust consists of a wooden container that represents a calendar filled with empty amyl nitrite bottles labeled with the days and months. In the process of collecting over 265 bottles I became fascinated with how each bottle has a story to share and a history that is unknown.  I chose 28 random bottles,  exploring a series of anonymous stories. Each inhalation of the amyl nitrite creates a blurred reality, where all of the senses are heightened, while being numbed at the same time. The empty bottles suggest the void an individual creates as they vacate sensations and are lulled into a vacuum, encouraging sexual fantasies to consume them.  This void is defined by the fragile edge of reality, quickly blurred, causing one to submit to the haze of lustful carnage explored behind closed doors and hidden darkened corners.

John-Michael_Korpal_Blurred _Lust

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  2. Mona says:

    Thanks for sharing the insight on this piece! When I saw it at the show it confused me and I forgot to ask you it’s meaning while engaged in another conversation with you. Congratulations on your selection into the coveted Kinsey Institutes’ Juried Art Show! Show us more of this type, please!!

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