March 12, 2012

I woke up today and turn on my computer and went into itunes to listen to the French music that my instructor downloaded for me… the first song that played was “Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher.”  These boots where made for walking…I will take that as a good sign for the day!  These boot of mine where made for walking….


I wanted to be able to sit down and type something out that was profound ….

and all I can think of  is that I made it through another week…

but I have to admit I have no idea what week it is. The day goes by and the weeks add up and then before I know it a month has vanished…. Or in this case 8 weeks. It is time for mid term exams. I have never had an mid term that spanned the course of three class periods

Class 1… Written

Class 2 …Oral

Class 3 …Reading

I have surrounded myself with random post-it notes that have the words of the objects in French. I am only listening to French music. My shopping list  are  in French(and then I get to the store and I forget what the word means) I spent 20 minutes walking around Dominick’s trying to remember what “ le oignon “ is.  I knew it was singular and masculine but that didn’t help me much…(by the way it means onion)

This has my life since I posted last… I go to work… go to class …go home…study… eat …sleep, repeat…  I am not complaining..  I am totally enjoying French, just wish I would have learned it was I was five…sorry mom.

For you with children… teach them everything you know, and for the things you do now know … find someone who can teach them it. I am currently surround in a French class that most students speak 2-3 different languages and some know as many as 6.  It is just a bit intimidating to say the least.

On a different note….I had a friend as me today how my artwork is going….I said that currently have a canvas on the easel….but I neglected to mention that I have not touched it in 7 weeks…sometime less information is better.

I think this Summer I will start another project similar to the “ Word Project” that I did last year… but not sure what form it should take this time… so if anyone has some ideas feel free to e-mail me

I seem a bit preoccupied these days.   Go figure…lol But I need to start working on the art at some point….

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