Mirror, Mirror On The Wall… Who Do I Want To Be?

Monday, is always “Studio” day… and today was overflowing with thinking, cleaning and plotting/planning as I explored the manner that I approach my art and the business side of it.

Today’s main focus was a review of happenings of the studio over the past year…and drinking coffee. Lots of coffee…


Sometimes I find it difficult to glaze into the “metaphoric mirror” and ask, ” What do I really, really want to be?” There are so many choices out there it boggles my mind as how one can limit their scope to just a few. I am slowly learning and accepting that this is a process of tearing down and rebuilding with the pieces that remain. As I continue to move forward in this process I find it very exciting while it still freaks me out to no end. I know the difference between bad and good, but the difference between good and great is more difficult for me to disseminate.


Most questions today started with:
with my responses limited to basically…Yes, No, Maybe and I don’t know.


I feel trapped in an empty chamber collecting momentum but I can’t seem to find the door (or window) to release this energy into the world and allow it to manifest into something tangible.



One of my personal projects for the month of January is to create a projected action plan for the next 1, 3, 5, and 10 years. Included in each year are my goals, projects, and dreams as I gently place the pieces together so I can see how they fit to create the big picture. I have to admit the first and tenth year plan were the easiest to create.  The third and fifth year I ran into some turbulence defining these on paper. I am being forced to accept that some of my plans that were floating around in my head were not very realistic. This became quickly clear to me when I wanted to do 50 shows this year, one in each state of the U.S. That factors out to being a show each week…this would be crazy making for me… and everyone else in my world. So that was moved down into the five-year plan category. But in the beginning my thought pattern was SURE, sign me up; let’s get this thing going! I now realize the need to write these things down more often, just to see them in a different light.


Many other writing projects slated for January, but I can only do so many at a time because I need the time to step back and look at it from the outside…But the new year is here and I am ready to throw myself into a New Year filled with new ideas and challenges to explore!

It is time to create some ART!


Studio 1-6-14

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