My Blue-Eyed Dragon Friend

The last couple days as I have been walking around the city. I have become increasingly aware of all faces that are present in inanimate objects.  It seems that I am being watched everywhere that I go. Unfortunately, they have caught me off guard without my camera, so I have no proof that they really exist outside of my memory.


Blue eyed Dragon

But this evening as I was walking to meet a good friend for coffee. I was lucky to sneak up on this one and capture his image.   It made me smile at first I saw him. It reminded me of an elephant but the longer I gazed into the blue of his eyes he became transformed into a friendly dragon. Memories of the song “Puff The Magic Dragon” from my childhood flooded my thoughts. When I was a kid, I loved that song because it took something that was very scary and made it warm and friendly.  Seeing my blue-eyed dragon reminded of the magical moments of growing up.


In my mind “Puff the Magic Dragon” was always there to help make the scary things seem less frightening. Seeing this image pull all those memories from my past and reminded me that even though we grow up we always have the potential to use our imagination and dream of far off lands and magical dragons.


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