November 30, 2012

What inspires you?

I just applied the first layer of paint to a new painting tonight. For this piece I want to share with you a bit of what my creative process is and maintain a running dialog during this period.

I wish there was a formula of logic that I use to start a painting, but to be honest it is totally random.  This started Monday with the idea of having two paintings of the same subject matter…maybe even a mirrored image of something.

So Tuesday, I dragged out two 20in x 10in canvases out of the “art” closet and placed them on the easel. Blank, staring back at me.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I had a client at work that had a green flannel shirt on that had lines of red and yellow through it. It reminded me of the forms that Frank Lloyd Wright used in his designs. Which my mind took me to images of stained glass. I knew then that I wanted to create a painting that looked like a stained glass window.

Wednesday afternoon I did a Google search for stained glass windows was the next step.  Found parts of designs that I liked. But I did not connect with the circles used in them. They needed to be something different.

Because I like incorporating the four elements or four corners into my artwork. The stream of consciousness ran with the ideas of glass and light or sky…air and the fact of it being painted, so that turned into painted light. That light flowed like water as it floods an area so the next step was to add water, or a water theme… seashells that was the answer. The circles became scallops shells.

Wednesday night that imagery was drawn in on the canvas to get an idea of balance. And how and if it was going to work. Then tonight I started to under-paint the shells…  the process continues. It will dry for two day and then I can work on that area again.

As I get further along. I will post images. So the words will soon become an image for you to connect to.

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