October ~ Chicago Artists Month

One of the greatest things about being an artist is being able to spend time with other artist and compare ideas and techniques. The sharing of creative energy is contagious and helps to feed the mind and soul of an artist.


October is Artists Month in Chicago http://www.chicagoartistsmonth.org/about. So not only have I been able to participate in many of the shows in the Chicago area… I have also enjoyed seeing some amazing art and interacting with the artist, sharing ideas and asking many questions about their approach to their art. I learned so many new things and I can’t wait to try them out in the studio.



I also have learned that people have many different ideas of who can and can’t be an artist. I find this confusing because I view everyone one as a creative being.  I had one women tell me this weekend that she loves to look at the artwork because she is not very creative. But yet she tells me that she is an accountant and is able to work with numbers in a creative ways that I could never be able to manage to do. So in my mind she is every bit of an artist as well.  “Art Making” can take on many different forms. It could be the artful way you prepare a meal or how creatively you make a schedule for a business project. Everything that we do is creative and based out of creative energy; it allows us the opportunity to breathe life into something that never existed before.



I started teaching a session of Calligraphy with a new group of students.  One of the things that I love about teaching is that each group is different and each individual has a different manner in which they can learn the easiest and most effectively.  It is part of my mission to figure out what that method is.  I have a range of people who fall between being very conceptual to the ones that are very fact/ data based. To be able to connect with each individual I have to use different language to share the same information. This just proves that there are many ways to get to the same goal. You just need to find the one that works best for you and that learning something new is never out of your reach, you just need to fine tune the approach a bit to get the best outcome,



What ways in your life are you able to express your creative energy, what do you find passion in?  When you are trying to learn something new, it is easier for you to read about it, listen to spoken word, or to look at pictures?


Maybe a combination of several methods?




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