One Year Plan~ 2014

Moving forward into the year I have decided to create plans/goals to help me stay focused on what I want to achieve this year. Please understand this is not the complete list, but just a portion of it (at least the parts I am willing to share with the world).


I have learned in the past it is easier for me to achieve my goals if I put them out there for all to see. Often individuals have ideas or resources that can help me fulfill them. If I didn’t ask… no one would never know. I find that most people feel that mind reading is too difficult and confusing. So…. I am putting this out there…Whatever happens…happens!


There are no numbers because all are equal; none have more value or more importance than another. This is random list of very structured individual goals.



Increase Studio income ~ Cover total cost of running the Studio, Art supplies, Exhibit submission fees and Assistants.


Continue to explore and analyze my creative process allowing for the opportunity for it to expand and evolve as I continue to create the art.


Create a realistic timeline to help maintain a balance between my perceived available time and energy and what is really before me.


Participate in 6-8 group exhibits / shows and at least one solo show.


Submit applications for two Artist Grants… while learning more about the process as I fill out the applications.


Apply /Sign-up for the Klein Artist Works “ workshop in the fall.


Increase the number of students enrolled in my Calligraphy classes both at Flying Dolphin Studio and Discovery Center.


Put in place a system to put away a set amount into my savings account. (Pre-determined)


Take more assertive steps to continue learning French (sign up for a class and search out individuals to practice and study).


Create 6-8 new paintings this year.


Spend at least two hours each day in the Studio creating the art.


Attend at least two shows / exhibits per month (Ask me to go to an exhibit with you! )

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