Peeling Back The Onion Skin

Part of the process of painting or actually any form of art is that it allows the artist the opportunity to step back and question what stands before them. (If he/she so choses to…)


Those questions for me are:


Why did I create this?


What does it mean to me?


In what ways have I grown as an artist in this creative process?


Where do I go from here… moving forward?


Why did I create this?


The first and last question are the same, it is not a typo. This is why my process tends to be more of a cycle.  Because my first response in why I created a piece is rarely the same after answering all the other questions.


The one question that I have the most fun with is what have I learn during the process, I am often surprised at the list of things that I can come up with. I also find it interesting that as time passes those answers will change. Each piece has an entirely different list.


So in looking back at the 9 pieces that I created this year… I have learned many things.


Someday, I will sit down and make a list all the things that I have learned… Maybe that will be the manner that I end my blog year.

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