Quest For Authenticity

What does being authentic mean to you as an individual?


Authenticity is a concept that I have been exploring carefully, distilling it down to its sticky residue, investigating how it functions as a larger component of my creative process. This demands from me to be centered mentally and emotionally as I create my artwork. Often struggling with questions and challenges of the topographyof my work, as they percolate up to the surface, often revealing very empowering insights.


This is a process of constantly peeling away the external layers of wisdom, events and expectations instilled upon me. Believed to be based on facts; accurate or reliable information was often completely constructed upon foundations of the insecurities of friends, family and random strangers. These building blocks of fears, disappointments and never fulfilled dreams reinforced the powerful words and actions that shadowed and informed my choices growing up and still occasionally influence my interactions as an adult.


I have discovered that there are many paths that can nurture true authenticity. The most crucial of all the workings is that you must examine everything, investigating to determine if your words and actions are based on current feelings or if your reaction is influenced by factors of past conditioning? This permits the opportunity to create an emotionally appropriate response to what is being presented in the moment.


Preserving ones authenticity is a practice of shedding these layers of good intentions that slowly installed fear and self-doubt. My authentic self is extricated as I investigate my daily actions and interactions with fresh eyes and uncluttered mind. This gives me the opportunity to construct new conclusions established from information I hold currently. Reminding me to not default to the influences of the many stratum of socialization infused since my birth.


I have come across many people on my journey, who question if there is the possibility of becoming 100% authentic? Although, I believe that we all experience flashes of clarity of true authenticity. It is unfortunately that too often these continue to be based on the individuals’ perceived self and not their true or pure self. Achieving authenticity is a process; it requires self-exploration to remove the many levels of conditioning to reveal the true essence of an individual.



Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?

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