Question Of Time

Like most artists I spend many hours each week looking at art, exploring what is currently being created, unique techniques and pondering the internal process of different artists. This allows me the opportunity to engage my creative process; exploring other’s work gives me permission to investigate what resonates with me.


Call it random, call it kismet but I have been encountering many works that contain clocks or other timepieces within their compositions. In photography I love the notion of an image frozen in time, the minute hand documents this was taken at this time… it will never ever change. The part that I find fascinating is the depiction of this in drawings or paintings where the artists chooses the exact time to be represented.


I want to understand the story behind the choice of this exact time. The fragment of the day captured, dawn, mid-day or dusk can be express in the choice of colors and the quality of light. How does the artists choose between, 3:15 or 3:25, random… or a very calculated decision?


This question reflects the mirror back upon me and how I have determined the times that I have chosen for my pieces that include timepieces in the past… and my answer is “ It is just what felt correct at the time.” I wonder if that is how most artists determine that which suspends their work in timeless space.


Svetoslav Stoyanov - Illusion of time

Svetoslav Stoyanov – Illusion of time

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  1. P. says:

    Beautifully observed!

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