Rogers Park ~ Art Round Trip

I escaped from the studio today and took my calligraphy out to the streets of Rogers Park! The Art Round Trip, Sunday afternoon, was a fun filled event featuring local visual artists and performance art located at the last four Red Line stops; Howard, Jarvis, Morse and Loyola.


What did I do…  you might ask?


I took 4 x 6 plain white cards and my calligraphy markers and created name art for individuals as they walked by. Asking for their names and created unique calligraphic art as they stood by and watched as I transformed their name into a calligraphy script. So it was a very creative afternoon. The best part of the afternoon was when a woman asked if instead of writing her name, if I would be willing to do a quote.


I wanted to share that quote with you, as I feel it is the perfect way to summarize the joy and laughter that infused Rogers Park during the Art Round Trip on Sunday!


“We are all wanderers on this earth.

Our hearts are filled with wonder

and our souls are deep with dreams”


2 Responses to Rogers Park ~ Art Round Trip

  1. David says:

    thanks for sharing. Pretty cool.

  2. Sue says:

    What an inspiring quote. A wonderful way to spend a Fall afternoon.

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