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The colder, dark days have caused me to pull into myself. Reflecting on my travels down my path as an artist. The things I have learned, the struggles the successes and the things that have yet to come full circle.  Looking back over the year I am shocked at how quickly one project lead into another and then the next and before I knew it I am here at the end of 2013.


I must admit the one very humbling thing that I did learn is that even though I have considered myself an artist for many years… To the “art world” out there, I am just a beginner. Although, I acknowledge this and I have made peace with it. I also acknowledge that I have been able to gain massive strides this year with my work. Spending the last several weeks starting to plan out the year to facilitate moving forward in my art career. I have become painfully aware that I have a very busy and challenging year ahead of me.


So with that daunting goal set before me… I am asking my readers if they could help me reach one of my goals for 2014. I would greatly appreciate if there is something that you enjoyed, a blog post, painting or even a quote, if you would please share the link with your friends and family.  One of the biggest goals I have for the next year is the increase the amounts of hits on my website and to increase the subscription rate of my blog. The Internet is a huge world and I am only a small speck within that.  So with this in mind, I am trying to become the best nugget of glitter shiny speck so that I can share it with the world.  The more you share my work …the more I am able to increase my online presence and the more I am able to grow as an artist.


I really enjoy it when I see that people have commented on a blog post or all the e-mails I receive, because it reminds me that my artwork and writings help make a connection between the world and my work in the studio. I like that it provides a door to open that allows an individual to look in and explore all there is to see.


So, please keep sharing the love!


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