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What Has Six Legs….

I currently have a fresh canvas resting on the easel… waiting for the application of the first layer of paint.   One of the most exciting things for me about being an artist is that it gives me a wonderful opportunity to learn about things that I may have never been exposed to otherwise.  Before […]

The Voice Of The Gremlin

gremlin |ˈgremlin| noun informal an imaginary mischievous sprite regarded as responsible for an unexplained problem or fault, esp. a mechanical or electronic one: a gremlin in my computer omitted a line. • an unexplained problem or fault. ORIGIN 1940s: perhaps suggested by goblin.     The Gremlin is the inner voice that questions and micro-manages […]

October ~ Chicago Artists Month

One of the greatest things about being an artist is being able to spend time with other artist and compare ideas and techniques. The sharing of creative energy is contagious and helps to feed the mind and soul of an artist.   October is Artists Month in Chicago http://www.chicagoartistsmonth.org/about. So not only have I been able […]