The blog posts that did not happen today…

This has been an interesting week; yes, I realize it is only Monday.

I wanted to share with you some thoughts and ideas that have been bouncing back and forth in my mind as I search for the questions that they answer!


These may warrant more exploration and potentially some writing to understand the concepts. Some are abrupt smacks in the face while others are no more than a fluttering thought… and often times I do not know which they are till after the fact.


So each one of these could have been a great blog topic for today… But instead I went to the park, sat under a tree and read a book. Sometimes it is nice to have the thoughts and ideas and not worry so much about what to do with them.


1.) Why is there a family of crows waking me up every morning at 6:30?


2.) The closer you are to the end of something. Means that you are closer to the beginning of something else….


3.) I have been exploring and thinking about connections between abandoned buildings and mental illness.


4.) Fear of rejection~ If I never send in the applications… I have no chance of ever being accepted.


5.) The concept of how each individual experiences art and the process of creating the art, differently.


Change just ahead

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  1. P says:

    #5 Is ripe for exploration.

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