Creating and Selling Art~ Not The Same Thing

The past several days have I have been riding on an emotional roller coaster, not the fun ones where you have your arms waving in the air screaming as it plunges down forty stories, think more like you are clinging to the railing as your eyes are closed tightly and your month is shut for fear of losing your lunch. All is well but sometimes when my comfort level has been pushed (even if I am the one pushing). It causes me to be a little stressed.


The question: “How do I move forward with the business aspect of the art? It is the act of building the foundation and wanting to use the correct bricks (color and size) to make sure that it will support the structure. Then you realize that the only reference book that you have available is “Bricks for Dummies”. It helps to create that glorious feeling of nausea in the pit of your stomach. Welcome to my creative process.


There is the making of the art and then the selling of the art. One would think this would be an easy and natural progression from one stage to the other…it is not. It is very difficult for me to determine prices for my artwork. Although, sometimes I do know the price in my head while I am creating the work and other times, I have no clue. In these situations I sit down and write about the process and how and explore how a particular price feels for that piece, do I feel comfortable with that or does it make me cringe? Does it reflect the integrity of the piece?  There is also the element of figuring out potential titles, but that is a completely different issue.


I am just trying to tie all the lose ends together as I prepare to send out another batch of entries for potential shows. In my mind I think this process should look like creating fine lace… but instead I have created a lop- sided macramé plant holder with wooden beads woven into the design. It would be nice to think that as time goes on the business process gets easier… and well it does not, if anything it becomes more difficult because you learn more things that you need to consider making it more of a complicated process.


I am hoping that my sense of humor will help to lessen the stress, as of yet, no such luck. But laughing can only helping!


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