Third Estate Art ~ Bird Project

Last night while you were sleeping Third Estate Art was out and about hanging hand-sewn pigeons in trees and bushes in the Rogers Park neighborhood.


This was the second bird installation of the Birds Project


Attached to each one of the birds is a cloth tag that carries the name of an individual that was killed by gun violence.  


The names that have been used to date are archived at with more information about each person.  Individuals may submit names of people they would like to be included in the project through the website.


This particular birding was more difficult for me personally as I added two names of members from my own family that died through gun violence earlier this year.


People who find the cloth pigeons  on their travels are encouraged to take home a favorite one.


This will be an ongoing project for as long as gun violence threatens our communities and the safety of our loved ones.



Third Estate Art is  501(c)3 organization donations are tax deductible. (Thank You)

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