Time Moves Forward….

This week is about going through the website, dreaming and exploring new design ideas and taking steps to make room for future works.


The website will be slowly divided into two sites allowing each to expand and grow in different directions, As I move forward I am asking the question “What is relevant to me as an artist and what should live on the Flying Dolphin Studio site”. This seems the next necessary step, as both sites need additional room to expand and grow.


Revaluating the artwork what remains and what will be archived. Out with the old to make room for the new works! But in doing this it I have uncovered a process that I was not expecting. Time creates distance between the work and myself, an opportunity to view the work with different eyes. In the past this usually this makes me cringe, because I see all the mistakes (my perception not always based in the reality) of the work, but I notice things that I could have done differently, or better. This time I still like them I like them for what they are and what I have learned in the process of creating them. They are the expression of my thoughts, feeling and conflicts. Without them I would not be able to do the things I am able to do now.


So with all of this I wanted to share with you some of the works that will go away soon, this will be their last hurray! This will still be available for purchase just not on the website.


These were created when color still scared me. I was afraid to mix paint, because everything turned into either brown or grey. This is also when I felt that I needed to paint within the lines.Looking at past artwork put things into perspective helping me see how I have grown as an artist… and I am excited to see where this path may lead me.




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