Two Steps Forward… One Step Back

Cleaning out and updating the studio was a great experience for me. It is nice to have every thing clean and fresh.  Although, I was hoping with all the changes would come a new flow of ideas … but instead it has caused me to veer off into a different direction.


When I started to hang the paintings back on the walls… the space felt very different. I did not want to put the same artwork up as before.  I have all these new paintings and I wanted to hang those up in the studio to reflect the work that I am currently creating.  The paintings from 3-4 years ago do not have the same strength that I feel in my current work. Which I understand and I still maintain the connection with them but as time has moved forward and I have evolved, they have not.  It sounds strange… I know, but it is true. It feels as if I created those a lifetime ago.

I want the new space to be infused with the energy of the new pieces. In hopes of it helping me move forward in my work.


But then I am left with the question. What do I do with the older artwork?


I have heard of artist that will paint over the canvas and repurposed them, which on some level would be a great way for me to incorporate a different form of recycling in my art.  I have also heard of artist that will destroy their art, shred it, burn it… you get the idea.  I understand the value of this as a method to release the older works and allow the artist to start fresh, as the Phoenix rises from the fire, so will new artwork.

I must admit there are those pieces that when I look at them, I have to ask myself, “What were you thinking when you created that?”


But I think we all have those moments of reality checks.


So for now those pieces are stacked up in the corner, their fate not yet determined. But I am moving forward and enjoying the journey.


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  1. Pablo says:

    I often wonder when a painting is destroyed does the art remain?

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