Waking Sleep~ Wake UP!

This was originally written on yellow paper with a blue pen.


Yellow Paper = Fear

Blue Pen = Calmness

Yellow +Blue = Green

Green = Growth


As an artist I am exploring the world using a larger scope. Learning new words and concepts that help me to connect the dots in my world. Things that have happened in the past are here to help me learn and provide movement forward. This is not an attempt to re-invent the wheel, but rather learning to gather different wheels; two or four as the current situation requires helping support the concept, while transferring an idea forward into the future.


I have been fascinated by words lately, text, print and of course spoken words. I find comfort in them but I am in pursuit of a story or content that I have yet to figure out, how to incorporate them into my paintings. The concept that my artwork is only 50% of the equation of the piece, it is the presence of the individual experiencing my work that creates the other 50% and completes the piece as a whole. It is through this union that the art and the individual share a dialog that is privy only to the participants for that brief moment in time. I want to nurture this experience and see what it has to teach me.


In my readings today I came across an individual’s name I had never heard of… and with a little research. I felt an instant connection with him. He had put in words what I strive to express in my art. George Gurdjieff, believed that people cannot perceive reality in their current state because they do not possess consciousness but rather live in a state of a hypnotic “waking sleep”. My personal goal as an artist is to create work that provides an opportunity for an individual to break free of the “waking sleep” causing them to question and provide for them the opportunity to see with newly informed eyes.


This also serves as a mirror for me, because it reflects my world back upon myself, forcing me to investigate what I really believe in and holds me accountable for what I put out into the world. I am an extension of my art… and my art is an extension of me. Between this is the growth and development of me as an artists and a active participant of the world.








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