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1000 Butterflies

Early in the shelter in place I decided that I needed something to keep my hands and mind occupied and to give structure to the hours of my days and weeks.


I wanted to view this time as an opportunity to transform to go inward and figure some stuff out.
Butterflies have always fascinated me as they are given an opportunity to transform from caterpillars to butterflies. I love the concept that we are also able to change and evolve physically and emotionally if allowed time and space.


There is a Japanese practice of creating 1000 origami cranes to bring forth the fruition of a wish.
Butterflies are my means of change and growth.

Today, I have completed the last of 1000 butterflies.

My wish… kindness, love and understanding for myself and all from my past, present and future.


The Sewing Machine is Primed and ready to GO!

Getting ready for a new week in Studio!


It is with great kindness from individuals donating some of their fabric stash that I have some new fabrics ready to go for this weeks mask making!

Let me know what letter and how many and I can make that happen!


Curbside pick up or shipping is also an option.

Donations are wonderful and welcomed, but not necessary.

Thank you

Mask Making

Today in the Studio more mask are going to be made.


This project helps me make it through each day. Knowing that within this tiny act I am able to make a difference sitting in the Studio. It is a way I am able to share with my community to remind them they are not alone and that kindness and love will help us navigate this new ever changing landscape.


Thank you to all that have ordered masks from me over the last several weeks. you have enriched my life in ways I could never have anticipated… and for that I am grateful.


Currently, I have made 76 mask and I am here to continue making until the need is no longer… that being said, If you need a mask…. Let me know!


Mask Making at the Studio

Last week’s focus was about exploring the realm of possibilities, reinventing and creating new structure in the Studio. It was a busy week filled with high and lows, moments of joy and moments of sadness.  Along with many opportunities to be grateful in the moment.


I have spent a portion of my days at the sewing machine creating face mask for friends, families and people I have never met before…  This has been a way for me to redefine what community means and explore different ways that it might be expressed and supported in the future.


I am grateful for the requests for masks and the amazing support of my community for their virtual hugs and donations for supplies and staples. These gifts create a huge smile on my face and reminds me that love is what makes everything better.

If you are in need of a face mask please contact me johnmichaelkorpal.com


These were created last week some remain but most have been claimed…. there is a new batch happening today with some fun new fabric.

If you wish to donate… I would be so very grateful!!!

Paypal: johnmichaelkorpal@gmail.com

Vemno: john-michael-korpal


Thank you for all the love and support !