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What is the most important thing to me about the Chicago art scene?

The Chicago art scene is open to the possibility of exploring new ideas and innovative concepts surrounding what art can look like and different ways that it can be expressed.


Exploring different ideas as a community, experimenting with work that challenges and redefines the current understanding while holding space for new works to be created and providing fodder for future works.


Chicago is filled with incubator spaces that encourage the artist to explore and create, developing new works that question and challenge how people perceive and relate to the world around them.


Chicago has many artist communities that support and nurture its artist’s creative process as they explore the subtle nuances as they strive to deepen the scope of their work.


For me this is a very beneficial as it allows me the ability to be an active part of a community that supports my continual pushing of my boundaries surrounding my work and empowers and support Flying Dolphin Studio as a creative space that is open and receptive to broader scope of experiences for individuals with diverse interests and backgrounds generating the space for a larger dialog to be created and explored.


Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon


separate, divided

pieces parts

flat edges first

placing others within later



each fit only one place

working –agreeing- fitting in with it’s surrounding neighbors

rounded edge fitting into its opposite equal



colors connect- create

becoming the whole

something that was not there



is now for all to see