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Glenwood Ave Arts Fest 2018

It is that that time of the year again…



Ted Sollinger & John-Michael Korpal at Glenwood Ave Arts Fest


Mark your Calendar: August 18-19 // 11am-9pm


Tent # 54 ( located on Morse Ave. just east of the EL tracks)



Stop by the tent, say hello and check out the new art!


Below are links to each artist’s websites …as a teaser to what might be available that weekend ~ Explore!


Otter Art Studio


Flying Dolphin Studio



Visiting the Past

This morning…. I was going through where I store my older works and I came across this from a painting class I took many years ago.


The process : the instructor placed images of famous works of art on a table… there were two images of each painting. So in the room there was another individual that had the same image that you did.


We were paired up with this individual and one of the images was torn in half and each of us received one half of the image and then sent to our easel to recreate the half of the painting we were given… four hours later we paired back up with our other half and placed our paintings together to create a complete finial piece.


This is my half of “ A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jette” by Seurat.


I wonder what the individual who created the other half of this painting is doing in their life today?