Calligraphy Classes

Calligraphy is a skill that anyone can learn. With individualized instruction, regular practice and dedication, you will be able to reach your goals.

At Flying Dolphin Studio you can learn 5 different western forms of Calligraphy. It is recommended that you spend 10-15 minutes each day outside of class to help you perfect your new skill. (This can be as simple as writing out your grocery list!)

As with anything the more time you spend practicing your calligraphy, the better you will be.

If this is your first endeavor with calligraphy we recommend you start with the Introduction To Calligraphy Basics, it is a 2-hour class that covers the fundamentals of calligraphy and will start to on your pathway of becoming a scribe.


  • Introduction to Calligraphy Basics~(2 Hours Instruction)

    Begin your expedition to the land of Calligraphy with calligraphy marker in hand as you learn the correct technique and form to construct the letters and numbers of the Chancery script. We will also share with you several of the trade secrets that will make the journey of becoming a scribe easier for you.

Supplies Included: Calligraphy marker, folder of sample sheets, paper.

Dates and Times:


April 7, 2pm-4pm

April 14, 2pm-4pm

April 21, 2pm-4pm

April 28, 2pm-4pm

May 5, 2pm-4pm

May 12, 2pm-4pm


Class Fee: $75

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small_square_dabble_logo_largeFlying Dolphin Studio offers several seats for those who wish to Dabble with Calligraphy. These spots are very limited and go very quickly(Click on logo to check for availability.)


  • Three Week Calligraphy Workshop Series~ (3 Two-Hour Sessions)

    Have you taken a calligraphy class at Flying Dolphin Studio or have pervious calligraphy experience? Then this class will elevate your calligraphy skills to the next level. We will continue to explore the formations of the letter and numbers of the Chancery script and introduce the Celtic and Gothic scripts while learning to incorporate several flourishes to give your calligraphy your own special personal flair. The final session students will work with dip pen and ink.

Contact for available dates and times

Workshop Fee: $350 (per individual)

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  • Bridal Calligraphy Package~ (3 Two-Hour Sessions)

    This Calligraphy workshop is customized for individuals or small groups (up to 4 individuals). You will receive three weeks of intensive instruction (3 days, two hours per week). You will learn the graceful Chancery script and explore different styles of layouts for addressing envelopes and learn about the different range of papers. Students learn to work with both markers and dip pens.

    If you are able to commit to practicing what you learn in class for at least 10-15 hours outside of class, you will be well on your way to reaching your goal.

    This workshop is great way to share your creative side with your guest and prepare for your special day.

Contact for availability of dates and times.

Workshop Fee: $450 (for group up to four individuals)

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  • Couples Calligraphy~ Date Night

Learning the graceful art of calligraphy is a wonderful and exciting way to spend time as you learn about each other in a creative setting at the Studio.

This is the perfect activity that pairs well with an early dinner or to set the mood for a night out dancing till dawn.

Wine and lite snacks will be provided


Dates and Times:

Contact for availability of dates and times.


Class Fee: $125 per couple

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