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The Journey Moves Forward

November 10~ Intersectional Touch closed


It was such an amazing journey and I am very proud to have been part of the CP8 cohort.


I learned so much and grew more as an artist then I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time.


I will be forever grateful for everyone that held my hand and hoisted me up on their shoulders so I could see past my limitations. I am thankful for the experiences of community and support.


I sat with the piece a bit Monday before climbing into the lift to the ceiling of the Hyde Park Art Center gallery to release ‘Gesture in Time’ from the cables that it hung from. Watching it gently gather on the floor as the lift was lowered. I felt a sense of gratitude and personal pride of the big steps I took as I moved forward through the program…. I also felt relief that the paper quilt was resilient and hung for the duration of the show without causality.


The quilt is back in the studio and I am glad to be able to look at it everyday and it reminds me of wonderful days and makes me smile.



The quilt will be installed again in the future.

The place has not been confirmed… but I will keep you posted.



Gesture In Time
Paper, thread and hair
181 in x 109 in




Back to School with TEA: The Education Salon


Third Estate Art presents the third salon in its 2019 series, this time all about education.


Each participant will use 10-20 minutes to talk, read, sing, perform, or however they’d like to showcase what they do for you. The event will end with a Q&A.


Featured guests include:

* Annie Gill-Bloyer, Founding Member of RISE49

Annie will discuss how parents and community members in Rogers Park have come together to advocate for neighborhood Chicago Public Schools in the 49th Ward.


* Marlon Lyles, Artist

Marlon will show his illustrations and discuss his personal education, growth and development through the unique art language he created.


* Daniel Staub Weinberg, weinbergsart and Dr. Shmooz the Clown

Dan will share his experiences in clown camp and teach the group some beginner mime movements.


* AK Agunbiade, Comedian

AK will perform a piece about the recent college admissions scandal.


* DeJernet Farder, Trauma Informed Teaching Advocate

DeJernet will educate participants on the current trauma students endure, the ways in which our educational system addresses them, and what we all need to do to support our most vulnerable children.



Third Estate Art NFP is a 501(c)3. We are a group of artists and activists who create public art about social issues. We also partner with city parks to bring art to kids’ events and into field houses. We believe in paying artists for their time and work, so every presenter (or their organization) at the salon will receive an honorarium. We set up a pay-what-you-can system for buying tickets, so please consider paying a little extra when you buy yours–your money goes right into recouping our venue costs and paying the presenters.