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Grow Big and Strong… and YUMMY

In just under 25 days the Herbs have really out done themselves.


They have all sprouted and move into to their forever homes…and all are doing amazing. Thyme is growing  v e r y  slowly but that seem appropriate considering our current concept of  the passing of time.


I begin my mornings checking on these little ones , rotating and watering them . ( I love when I rub my hand across the Basil  the scent lingers on my hand for hours.)


I have a feeling the next time you see one of this little ones… they will be part of some yummy food.



Herb Garden at the Studio

…. and now we wait for them to grow!



1000 Butterflies

Early in the shelter in place I decided that I needed something to keep my hands and mind occupied and to give structure to the hours of my days and weeks.


I wanted to view this time as an opportunity to transform to go inward and figure some stuff out.
Butterflies have always fascinated me as they are given an opportunity to transform from caterpillars to butterflies. I love the concept that we are also able to change and evolve physically and emotionally if allowed time and space.


There is a Japanese practice of creating 1000 origami cranes to bring forth the fruition of a wish.
Butterflies are my means of change and growth.

Today, I have completed the last of 1000 butterflies.

My wish… kindness, love and understanding for myself and all from my past, present and future.