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Disclosed / Undisclosed

Opening Night for Disclosed /Undisclosed
Hyde Park Arts Center!

August 9 -August 27 in Gallery 5


The Exhibition Features Emerging Artists and Curators from the Visual Arts Certification Program at the University of Chicago


“Disclosed/Undisclosed” features a selection of painting, photography, collage, ceramic and installation work by artists whose practices are informed by unique, at times obscure, intentions. Presenting a range of formal, philosophical, historical and existential issues driving the artists’ formal decisions, the artworks transcend materiality to deliver a backstory, a disclosure. At the same time the artworks prompt the viewer to consider the works’ individual propositions and to speculate about what may be inconclusive or undisclosed. “Disclosed/Undisclosed” offers intersections of highly diverse pieces, ranging from expressions of rigorous mathematics to cultural signifiers to highly personal tactile forms.

Through the exhibition, the curators contemplate their position as interpreter, often translating to the audience the ideas — whether hidden, mysterious, or obvious — that exist in the artwork.

“Disclosed/Undisclosed” was conceived, produced and installed by Marian Carow, Danielle Eady, Deirdre Fox, Makeba Kedem-DuBose, John-Michael Korpal, and Anita Orlikoff, with assistance from Allison Peters Quinn, Director of Exhibition & Residency programs at Hyde Park Art Center.

The exhibition includes work by Marcus Sterling Alleyne, Larissa Borteh, Assaf Evron, Brent Fogt, David Anthony Geary, Ruyell Ho, K.A. Letts, Tara Noftsier, and Monika Wulfers.


Paper Portraits

Working in the studio today applying what I have learned over the last several weeks of making paper.

Exploring some interesting portraits of people you might know.

These are still drying on the back porch. Each 9in x 6in and will shrink a tiny little bit as they continue to dry and the blue with become a little lighter.


Making paper in the Studio today!