June 8, 2011

Hey twig, “You want to come home with me?”

The question that I was internally (and sometimes externally) asking as I walked around Warren Park yesterday, collecting twigs for my newest installation—
This outing seemed very different then when I was a kid and I had the chore of going out and picking up the sticks and debris out of the front lawn after a big storm… here, I was actively searching out those random twigs…on purpose.
This whole madness started when I found a book at the thrift store on the artist Chris Drury and his environmental works. I loved how his pieces had a very organic feel but things were placed in a different order and shape, maybe even a  nature redirected.
I liked how his pieces felt alive and  filling their lungs with air in their new space and shape and I wanted to explore that experience… although his scale is too large for my apartment. I craved to play with the twigs and see what  could happen.
So hence, going out on Tuesday afternoon, two empty bags and I setting off to go “Twig Hunting”
Who knew how many twigs would be waiting for me- I planned this piece to be able to fit on the coffee table-otherwise I would be moving my bed out for the piece to fit in my apartment…sometimes I do need to place limits on the size of my work…and  this is why the four foot long twig could not come home with me, sorry twig.

Pile of Twigs

So here I sit on the floor in the middle of my studio… a big  pile of twigs and a tube of super glue…let the fun begin!

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