September 9, 2011

I started my morning biking to the lake waiting for the sunrise~

Viewing the night at the other end…the fresh cool air and the sound of the crashing waves on the beach. …such intense energy yet in total balance.

The lake has always reminded me that I am but a small tiny speck in a huge world. I have had the same feeling when I spent time in the desert. All this vast place… and me.  It helps me to leave behind everything and be in the moment, something I need to work on more in my world. I often get lost in the world of things that must get done and the list of projects that never seems to shorten… always a new project to add to it…always something that needs to be done…always something new I want to learn.

Even thought it was cloudy this morning and I really never saw the sun come up… I experienced the increase in brightness welcoming the day.  It helped to bring me to a place of peace and a moment of realistic view of my expectations of myself. I might have a list of things I want(need) to do. But I  promised myself that I will focus on one at a time… and remind myself to stop and experience the moment while it is happening and not worry about the next project. That is  one of my biggest challenge.

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