October 31, 2011


Just because it is new to you does not mean that it has not happened before… taking a break from the painting… I walk by the white canvas and simple say, “not yet, be patient…sometime soon”.

This weekend was spent exploring something of my past. A different form of creating… Baking. I have always enjoyed playing in the kitchen creating fun things for friends, family, and co-workers and for myself to enjoy!

But recently I have found myself falling into a bit of habit of making the same thing over and over. I was getting bored with what I was making…it was good but I was being to feel empty. I decided this weekend I wanted to make something different, something that would challenge me… so I made croissants from scratch. The recipe is five pages long and it is a bit of process…with a very steep learning curve!croissants

It made me slow down…and think about what I was doing. It is like when I first started working in oil paint, you cannot rush, it needs to have time dry… in the way the dough needed to rest in-between turns.

This weekend had all the moments of creating any art

Create a vision…

Making a plan…

Self Doubt~~~


More Doubt~~~:-(



A vision… for more.

On a side note I have started to learn French…somehow this is linked into my process of creating French pastries.  I took it in high school… but we all know that was a couple years ago.  Each night I spend an hour practicing.. My apartment is covered with post it notes reminding me what that object is in French… and as always I am pushing forward.

One vision flows into another and my life moves forward…

The best thing of baking…aside from the process is enjoying the end product.



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