75 Days = 1800 Hours… Get Set…GO!

75 day till the end of the year… This means that I have 75 days or 1800 hours to finish everything that I want to accomplish this year.


This year I have been able to explore many things, some of which I never thought I would be able to achieve.


My personal goal was to add an additional six shows to my list of exhibits. Currently I have been able to add nine… and with the time left I would like to be able to add an additional three. I would like to be able to say that on an average I had one show per month this year.


I have been able to create eight new paintings, with two new ones currently on the easels.


I taught seven Calligraphy Classes and one more coming up in December.


I work a full time day job.


I try to have a social life.


Sleep and Eat…


So with this in mind I need to figure out what my expectations are for the remainder of the year and come up with a game plan for next year, my goals, dreams and ways that I can continue to work towards them.


I have accomplished more this year than I thought was possible, but with this knowledge it makes me curious what I can achieve if I expand my horizons just a little bit more.  I am learning how to use my time a little more efficiently and push myself just a bit more. At times this is difficult and overwhelming, but if I do not try to push beyond my comfort zone… how can I ever really know what I can truly archive.


So I add the image as a warning…

‘Stuff” is happening in the studio…  “Exciting Stuff”



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