April 19, 2012

An entire month is almost gone and I don’t remember being part of it that much.  Days have become weeks and weeks quickly turn into months… and well you get the idea. I have three more weeks of class. I never thought it would have been this difficult or that I would have been able to progress so little. After 12 weeks I can attempt to say several sentences and then I fall apart like wet tissue paper… I have enjoyed the class completely, but I have had many crash and burn moments, some I dealt gracefully others well, not so much.

Next on the list~ I need to prepare for my final…oral test, and then a two page paper, in French! The topic: an autobiography of myself!

On a different note, I want to start to painting again. I have been really missing the smell of oil paint and the sense of calm I feel when I am able to paint. In comparison to dreaming that my walls are cover in French words I cannot pronounce. I have been working, well I started a painting a couple months ago, and it is still where I left it… (the paint dried and more than likely a layer of dust settled on the surface).  A painting of a butterfly… it seems that this might be a reflection of my current reality. Taking the French class has really pushed my levels of tolerance and what I thought I could do. So in a way I feel that I have become somewhat transformed… I know that seems cheesy and superficial. But I have more respect for individuals that are able to speak more than one language.  The ones that speak 4-5 different ones I am sure can walk on mist also.

I admit that learning French is difficult for me. But it is something that I will conquer,  it may not be tomorrow. But I have made a promise to myself that I will be fluent in French before I go there in 2014.  For my friends that have to deal with me through this journey… I am sorry!


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