Art Can Be Found Around Every Corner

I am always amazed by the amount of Public Art that one can find in Chicago. It seems everyday I come across a little sparkling “Art Gem” in my travels. My discovery last night… Agora, by Magdalena Abakanowicz,  and these are far from being little.  As I walked through the sculptures I felt very protected as the tall iron forms surrounded me, but it was also a bit duanting.

Although these have been in Chicago for several years this was my first encounter with them. I have to admit this was a wonderful experience and a great way to spend several hours exploring. If you are in the area of Roosevelt Road and Michigan Ave. check them out!

“Agora” 106 iron cast figures, each about 9 feet tall, shell like, frozen in walking movement. They are permanently displayed in Chicago Grant Park along the Michigan Av. and Roosevelt Rd. The figures are similar in general shape, but different in details. Models for each figure were made by hand, by myself and my three assistants. The surfaces of figures are like a tree bark or wrinkled face expressing a different individuality of each sculpture. The figures were  cast during two years 2004-2006 in the huge industrial foundry  in Srem  near city of Poznan (Poland). Then transported to USA. The installation took place in October

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