August 21, 2011

Excuse me…… Muse, where are you?  I feel that you must be sitting at some trashy bar. Toasting a drink to me, and maybe even laughing… it has been awhile since I have seen you lurking in my apartment.


Welcome to my world…. I have paintings that rarely speak to me and then there are the ones that never shut up… below is one that has been nagging at me all week… with questions… all the questions.

“Remember the deadline….”

“Look at all the white spaces on me still to be painted.”

“Have you been sleeping you look like hell… well still you don’t really need sleep it will not help… paint paint paint.  Why are you not painting NOW?”

“Are you listening? You there, are you listening to me?”

“Your paint brush is on the floor over there where it fell last time… it should be in your hand in the paint that you’re putting on me…”

“What about this flower? It’s not done… is it… really, hmm… and this one?”

“The edges, don’t forget the edges… I am a 2 ¼ in profile… I do have edges… finish them.”


I have come up with a name for this piece but I am seriously thinking I should change it to Audrey II. Here have some blood… I don’t really need it.


So… I sit and stare at it… ponder what needs to be done… what flower, what color… Then, I give a big thoughtful sigh and turn off the lights.. walking into the bedroom while the painting yells at me,” you come back here, don’t you walk away from me like that, listen here I hav….” and I shut the door… I need to find my muse again…


Could the bartender please cut him off.. and put him in cab and send him back home?

Please…  I have a deadline!



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