Breaking UP

As a culture we are always building or creating stuff. Gathering random pieces and parts, connecting them together in the great hopes of creating something larger than the sum of its parts.These objects are assembled and expressed in various modes of constructions: a house, a meal, a sweater or even a career. The small kernel of an idea nurtured with the intent of searching and reaching to understand how to formulate the desired outcome, a bigger and better purpose an element of grace or great beauty.


What happens if we take this same situation and reverse the process to deconstruct it? Removing each layer, each section or part to experience how does it feels to un-create it. Do you think you would perceive it differently, understanding that object in a completely different manner, appreciating the creation in reverse?


I am sure that you have watched a small child fascinated while taking apart something they shouldn’t be. They struggle to understand how it works. Watches, radios all types of objects that are constructed of many little moving parts are sacrificed in this learning process.Think of something that you created or built today. What would your experience be to deconstruct that? What would that process look like and how would that make you feel? What steps would you take to dismantle it, removing each layer, each element? Would this create a different connection or respect towards the object? Observing this breaking up allows an individual a wonderful opportunity for insights that might have been missed during the creation process.


Would it feel different to deconstruct something that was created by another person? Experiencing this process might offer you a glimpse into their story, a guided narration of their history that helped to inform them.


Breaking up = breaking things into pieces to assemble them back together in a different form.


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  1. P. says:

    Sometimes we break things up to put them back together into a different pattern.

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