Daily Artistic Challenges

In the spirit of discovery, as I delve deeper into my creative process, I have been initiating daily artistic challenges.


These have taken on many different forms:


Practice sketches of the folds of fabric, which I can honestly say did not go very well, fours days of draped fabric that ended up looking more like various jagged rocks. So, I need to work on that project…more.


Attempting something a little more conceptual: wearing red (a color I associate with the emotion of fear) socks for a week to remind myself to always walk through fear and explore what I learn on the other side.


Confronting the struggles of creating a sketch of a self-portrait. Years ago I created one in an oil painting class. But, this one has a greater impact on me as it provided me an opportunity for a very intense exploration of myself, mentally and emotionally. It is very rare for me to spend time looking at my reflection in a mirror … but to create this it took three hours of looking at myself. This provided ample time to contemplate my reality on many different levels. Even after the passing of several days I am still processing this information.


Looking back on the collection of the past “projects “ the self-portrait seems the most thought provoking for me. I know this will help inform my future works… I just don’t know how, yet.





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  1. P. says:

    Maybe your red socks remind us all of some fear we carry.

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