Dealing With The F-Word…



Three stages to help you make it through to the other side in one piece.


We have all have failed at something one time or another. It is the product of reaching out from our comfort zone and trying something different. Even though we try our best the puzzle pieces may not fall into the proper places.


*Mourn – Ok so it was a crash and burn, nothing turned out right and what remains are the shards of glass and debris, while you recite your long and well practiced list of “what if I did this…” exploring every little dark little corner of your mind looking for answers to make the burning feeling in the pit of your stomach dissipate.


*Learn– After sifting through the wreckage and seeing if there is anything that you might be able to wipe the smoke and ash off and use it as something in the future. Being careful not to be pulled back into the disparity of the moment.


*Moving on up – Pick yourself up, wipe away the tears and look deep within to find your inter warrior (or replace with a word that is more fitting for yourself) and repeat after me…It is time to show the world that I am here to live my life out loud!

Whatever props and accessories you choose for this special event is up to you, but remember that the only way that failure can win is if you give up trying. So pull up those bootstraps and adjust that hat and walk this way you have work to do!


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  1. P. says:

    Sage advice!

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