February 11, 2013

Spending Monday in the studio has really been a great way to begin my week. I feel that I have been able to focus more and get some really good work done, both on the off the easel. The paintings are moving along quite nicely and it seems that I will be able to finish them before my (personally inflicted) deadline of March 1. Next week, I promise to post current images for you to see (this is the subtle hint that you need to check back and visit here often).

I have also been working on promoting my blog “Word Tattoo” to help increase the readership. This process has a bit of a steep learning curve for me. So I am humbly asking for some help to make this process move forward with more grace and elegance (and a little less crash and burn). If you know anyone that you think would enjoy and benefit from my insights to how art informs my world. I would greatly appreciate the exposure. You can do this by cut and pasting this link http://johnmichaelkorpal.com/blog/  and forwarding to them. You can also sign up on the websites’ blog page and “Word Tattoo” will magically show up in your e-mail each time something new is posted.

If you use Facebook or Twitter, come introduce yourself because I like to be able to put a face to the name.

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