Happy Earth Day

I am beginning to think I am the only person that can look at a pile of trash and suddenly see art supplies manifesting before my eyes. Today is a great day as the sun is out and it is a beautiful spring day. Happy Earth Day to YOU!


All I wanted to do today is run outside and create art.  Walking around the neighborhood I see so many things lying on the ground that inspire me.  Colorful caps and lids and even natural elements such as twigs and bark all different objects that speak to me.  Begging me to pick them up and take them home to become part of a future art project.  Spring seems to the perfect time for harvesting art supplies.


I have always used recycled elements in my works, sometimes the objects are used physically and other times they are used more metaphorically or used as inspiration.  So just because you may not always recognize them in the artwork… they exists, either  disguised or in spirit.  So next time you are looking at one of my pieces of artwork, take a moment and see if you can figure out what the recycled elements are.


The perfect day for Earth Day!

I am curious what you have you done  today to celebrate. Please share in the comments section below if you so feel inspired to. Thank you in advance.


We hold the power to make a difference!






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