I am ~ I was ~ I will be

These could be the beginning of any statements, questions or even answers.


Present ~Past~ Future


This is my beginning of an internal dialog that I have been an active participant of this week. I am thinking that it will evolve and continue as an on going process. This dialog as taught me… that over the years I have become a huge packrat, storing stuff in every little tiny space I could find. I have not limiting this obsession to only physical objects, but I have extended this compulsion to include the non-physical realm: thoughts, ideas, emotions, expectations and disappointments… you get the idea. All stacked up neatly in little boxes on the shelves labeled and dated with the greatest of care. (In reality the older boxes are overstuffed and shoved back into dark corners, marked with red wax crayon, and covered with a cloth to hide them from my sight.)


I Was

These are all the things that happened in the past, mismatched luggage and boxes filled with past hopes, and fears… These are the largest and heaviest of packages stacked on the floor, taped up with shipping tape that has lost its “stickiness” years ago. Some have water damage and should just be carried out to the trash. Who I was.


I am

These are the stacks of items that are piled tall on my desk, my file cabinets and several dangerously tall piles on chairs in the corner. This is the stuff that will get filed, shredded or placed on top of a different pile… for future evaluation. Who I am now.



I Will Be

These are the clear spacious containers that I have designed to store my future dreams and hopes. These are cared for daily. They are the largest and sturdiest of all the different containers. I am careful as to what I chose to place in them. The lids are never closed as to allow fresh ideas and thoughts to follow through, but as a precaution I have installed finely woven wire mesh over the openings of the boxes to help prevent negative thoughts and fears from settling in the containers.

These are the containers that hold all the elements to create my future! Who I will be.


It is time to take out the trash….








I am ~ I Was ~ I Will Be

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